Do-It-Yourself Essential Oil Bed Bug Repellents

If you’re trapped in the middle of a full-scale bed bug infestation your first impulse is to protect yourself from these blood-sucking parasites. The bites, and subsequent itchy rashes, are the most immediate problems facing you and your family. We’ve talked tips and treatments for bed bug bites before. But are there any tried and … Read more

Tips for Reducing the Number of Bed Bug Hiding Spaces in Your Home

In most cases it is necessary to bring in a professional pest control service to safely and effectively deal with a bed bug infestation in your home. It’s the surest way to completely eradicate your bed bug problem. However, once you have eliminated the infestation there’s no guarantee that the bed bugs won’t return. That’s … Read more

Does a Bed Bug Infestation Change Your Home’s Biological Environment?

Bed bug infestations are known to cause both physical and psychological harm to families caught in their clutches. The bites and the itching can take their toll. Eliminating an infestation typically takes time, patience, and a fair bit of financial investment. But is there more to a bed bug infestation that we should be aware … Read more