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You’re in good hands. We know bed bugs! With over 10 years experience we are setting the standard in K9 Bedbug detection and inspections. Bedbug dogs are up to 98% accurate and can sniff out as little as one single bedbug. Our dogs are highly trained and nationally certified through WDDO, and our expert handlers are here to educate and guide you. If you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed, contact us. We know it can be a lot to handle at once, so we are here to help!  

Cryonite – Rapid Freeze

  • Cryonite uses rapid freezing to kill pesticide-resistant bed bugs and most other insects, chemical free
  • Kills all bed bugs – in every stage of development – upon direct contact
  • Does not penetrate certain materials
  • No residual effects
  • Dry method, can be used on electronic devices

Conventional Treatment

  • Conventional treatments, consisting mainly of insecticides, remains our primary approach for handling bed bugs
  • Small or confined bed bug infestations can be effectively treated with pesticides
  • Treatment will usually begin at the focal point of the infestation, which is generally the bed
  • This will be followed by careful treatment of the surrounding area, including baseboards, floor/wall junctions, carpets, framed pictures, electrical outlets and switches and cracks in the walls and floors

Whole Room Heat Treatment

  • Bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive temperatures over 113 degrees, especially if they are exposed to that heat for 90 minutes or longer
  • Heat can eradicate and kill bed bugs at any life stage, from egg to nymph to full adult
  • Heat is non-toxic, non-odorous and safe for both pets and humans
  • Heat can also permeate hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of your home – the places in which bed bugs love to hide

Packtite Rentals

  • Traveling and concerned about how to handle luggage? Ensure you don’t bring bed bugs into your home with PackTite. PackTite gets rid of bed bugs and other heat sensitive pests easily.
  • The heat produced by a PackTite chamber will kill all phases of bed bugs
  • Ideal for frequent or one-time travelers
  • Great for hard to treat items including luggage, shoes, clothes, books, toys and other personal items
  • Simply pack it up, zip it shut and turn it on
  • PackTite is the perfect solution for effectively treating items that are sensitive to chemicals or that you would prefer not to treat with traditional insecticides
  • Free delivery and pick-up

Bedbug Preventative Treatments
Now Available

Preventing Bed Bugs is Possible

Preventative bed bug treatment is now available. We can help you keep bed bugs out of your life. Our in-home prevention services stop bed bugs before they start. Afraid of carrying home a bedbug in your luggage after traveling? Worried about a bedbug latching onto your clothes in a movie theater or a dressing room or even from your office? No problem. You can prevent one or two bed bugs from creating an infestation where you live.

We provide comprehensive, bed bug prevention treatment.

Our Bedbug Prevention Service

The bio-pesticide used in our service has been used in agriculture for decades and is now available in the fight against bed bugs. The formula is non-toxic, designed for home treatment and applied 4 times a year, to intercept bed bugs year round.

This bed bug management solution is a preventative treatment that does not require you to purchase laundry or prep services. It is a simple, hassle-free service that we customize to your home and your lifestyle patterns. This bed bug treatment takes 30 minutes, 4 times a year, to guarantee year-round protection.

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